Anh Sy Huy Le

Assistant Professor of History

Curriculum vitae

Department of History

St. Norbert College

100 Grant Street
Boyle, 407
De Pere, WI 54115-2099

Current Research in Progress

Vietnam National Archive, Center II, HCMC
Following my interest in global Chinese migration and the place of Vietnam in the Nanyang diasporic network, I am currently at work on several new projects:  researching Vietnamese intellectuals’ understandings of the Chinese presence and their places in the genealogy of Vietnamese nationalism, exploring how debates over Chinese "neo-colonial" intentions shaped Sino-Vietnamese relations in the rise of anti-colonial resistance and the eventual collapse of the empire in the 1950s; and working on the translations of a few key colonial-era texts about Chinese migrants in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. 

I have also begun a second project, provisionally entitled Healing Diaspora: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Colonial Health Governance in French Cochinchina. It intends to document how these two conflicting medical systems co-existed under French rule and how networks of diasporic Chinese medicine--supplies, clienteles, and trans-local practices--shaped the therapeutically plural nature of medical knowledge and systems of caretaking in southern Vietnam. 

Other research interests include Chinese diaspora, history of science and medicine, political economy, and colonial capitalism. I continue to explore many of these themes in my 2021 dissertation and several forthcoming publications (under peer review): 


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