Anh Sy Huy Le

Assistant Professor of History

Curriculum vitae

Department of History

St. Norbert College

100 Grant Street
Boyle, 407
De Pere, WI 54115-2099


Journal Articles

“Mortal Remains as Biohazard: Chinese Repatriation, Plague Epidemiology, and Biopolitical Governance in Sài Gòn–Chợ Lớn, 1890–1898.”

Anh Sy Huy Le

Journal of Vietnamese Studies, Special Issue on "Biopolitical Vietnam", vol. 18(2), 2023, pp. 15-60

"Trade, Colonialism, and Diaspora: Chinese Rice Commerce and the Transformation of Saigon-Cholon in Colonial Vietnam"

Anh Sy Huy Le

Chapters on Asia: Selected Papers from the Lee Kong Chian Research Fellowships , National Library Board, 2021

The Studies of Chinese Diasporas in Colonial Southeast Asia: Theories, Concepts, and Histories

Anh Sy Huy Le

China and Asia: A Journal in Historical Studies, issue 2, 2019 Dec 20, pp. 225-63

The ‘Orientals’ Strike Back: Displacement, Diasporic Resistance, and Spatial Justice in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Anh Sy Huy Le

Journal of Migration History, Special Issue: Cities and Overseas Migration in the Long Nineteenth Century, 2018, pp. 134-60

Book Reviews

Review of Christina Firpo, The Uprooted: Race, Children, and Imperialism in French Indochina, 1890-1980

Anh Sy Huy Le

Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 7(2), 2018 Aug, pp. 262-64

Review of Micheline Lessard, Human Trafficking in Colonial Vietnam

Anh Sy Huy Le

Journal of Vietnamese Studies, vol. 12(4), 2017, pp. 106-110


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